Every person at least once in his life had to break some rules – cross the road to a red light, leave the stove turned on unattended, throw an unquenched cigarette butt into the urn. Violating the elementary norms of fire safety at home, people expect that their actions will not lead to irreparable results.

Handling fire

The sad list of victims in their own apartment is annually updated by hundreds of people. Neither war nor the elements killed them. The reason was their own carelessness and behavior that did not comply with the fire regime. Statistics show that about 80% of fires occur in residential buildings.

Usually people create fire hazard situations on their own. Therefore, the requirements of the fire regime dictate not only the conditions for the maintenance of private houses or safety rules in an apartment building, but also detailed rules for the behavior of people. Compliance with fire safety rules can reduce the number of fires and save many lives.

Residential fires are usually caused by careless handling of open flames. To prevent an accident, remember the requirements of the fire regime when using open flame:

  • it is forbidden to use open fire (torches, candles, kerosene lamps), and also to perform welding work in the basements of residential buildings;
  • Do not smoke in bed, as well as in sheds, pantries and other places where flammable materials are stored;
  • matchsticks and cigarette butts should not be thrown away;
  • Do not leave candles near windows, curtains or bedspreads.

After fifteen minutes, the smoldering stub in bed develops into a raging flame. Three minutes later, a person inhales a lethal dose of carbon monoxide. Nine out of ten such fires are caused by people who abuse alcohol. Not only they and their family members are in danger, but also neighbors. Fire usually occurs at night, and neighbors notice them late, when the fire in the house is already blazing with might and main.

Kitchen requirements

The fire safety mode in the kitchen requires the following standards:

  • Do not leave the stove unattended, as oil or grease may splash out and catch fire. If a fire occurs – extinguish with a lid and a cutting board, in no case with water.
  • Do not use the stove for drying clothes and heating the room. Cook at the stove with pinned hair and in clothes without hanging parts (sleeves, ties, etc.);
  • Do not clutter the cooking area with unnecessary objects, potholders, towels that can easily catch fire.

Balcony, stairwell, stove

A spark on a balcony or staircase can easily cause a fire in a multi-story building. In this regard, according to the requirements of the fire protection regime, cigarette butts should be extinguished in a tin can with water.

It’s not a fact that you will ever need some old furniture, waste paper or other things forgotten on the balcony, but they will come in handy with a random spark to cause a fire.

For the same reason, cleaning and flammable substances should be stored in metal or wooden boxes, closed with tight lids or other non-combustible material.

A fire in a private house is often caused by non-compliance with the operating mode of the furnace. Forbidden:

  • to heat the furnace for more than two hours in a row over 3 times a day;
  • use gasoline, kerosene, etc. for ignition
  • put firewood on the inflow sheet;
  • leave the stove unattended or entrust it to children;
  • burn sawdust, plastic and explosive substances;
  • use a stove with difficult traction;
  • block the chimney until the wood is completely burned.

Use of electrical appliances

Many residents of apartment buildings and private houses do not even suspect that compliance with the fire regime is their responsibility as homeowners.

Although some requirements are usually met – only a negligent owner will bend, tie in a knot or fasten with nails wires, but others are often ignored.

For example, housewives forget that only a refrigerator can be left to work at a time when no one is home. Other electrical appliances must not be left unattended.

On weekends, when the whole family is assembled, while the TV, computer, microwave, washing machine, and vacuum cleaner are turned on, they can cause an electrical overload. It is good if automatic protection works and there is no ignition of the insulation. Otherwise, a fire in the apartment is inevitable.

Child safety

Often children become not only victims, but also the culprits of fires in a residential building. To clearly explain the rules of safe behavior to a child, one can use fairy tales, puppet shows, and cartoons. On behalf of the protagonists, matches or electrical appliances, they will tell children about the fire safety rules in the apartment in a fun and accessible way.

Even if parents are sure that their young child knows about the causes of fires in the home, do not tempt fate. To exclude the possibility of dangerous games with fire, it is worth hiding matches and lighters away.