Road transport is not only a means of transportation, but for
many and the object where they spend most of their time. In order to communicate with
the car was not overshadowed by the intervention of the fire department necessary
periodically check the serviceability of electrical equipment, the tightness of the system
power supply, and systematically clean the engine compartment.

Each car must be provided with primary funds
fire extinguishing (powder or carbon dioxide fire extinguisher), and always be
in the salon, in an easily accessible place, at hand. It is not recommended to choose the most
small and compact fire extinguisher, you cannot put out a fire with it.

In the event of a fire in a car, you must:

  • stop the car by the side of the road and turn off the engine
  • quickly de-energize the on-board power supply by disconnecting the terminal blocks from
  • report the incident to the fire department
  • extinguish the fire with the available means before the arrival of the fire departments
    fire extinguishing
  • Arrange a meeting of fire departments and direct them to the place of burning

Be careful: a fire in a car can be recognized almost immediately. Smell
gasoline or burnt rubber in the cab, the appearance of smoke from under the hood are all factors,
preceding fire and fire.

Use a fire extinguisher to extinguish fuel spilled under the vehicle.
feeding foam or powder from the edge to the center of the hearth. When extinguishing
under the hood, gradually and carefully open it – preferably from the side
stick or a pry bar, as this could throw out a flame. Direct
the fire extinguisher on the hottest place or cover the flame with a tarp,
cover with sand, loose earth, snow, fill with water. Do not start extinguishing,
if you are in oiled clothing or your hands are wet with gasoline, this is extremely dangerous.
If it is impossible to quickly extinguish the fire, move away from the machine
a safe distance as the fuel tank may explode. In no way
get into a burning car, and do not try to start it. Within the radius of the danger zone (not
less than 10 meters) there should be no people.

While waiting for firefighters, water nearby cars to fire
do not fall on them or roll them aside with the help of passers-by and drivers.
If there is a person in the cabin of a burning car, and the doors are jammed, then break
doors or knock out glass (with a pry bar, stone). Get the victim out
from the car, call an ambulance and give him first aid or
send him to the nearest medical center in the first car you stop,
remembering or writing down her number.